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Press Release

Submitted by admin on Tue, 03/02/2010 - 23:13

. Last weekend in Barcelona took place the 12th World Congress of Chinese Medicine. The opening ceremony was celebrated the 25th of september with contributions by Dr. Dávide Mulmusi in representation of Barcelona’s City Council, Honourable Ms. She Jing, Chairperson of the World Federation, Dr. Ramón María Calduch, Chairperson of the Supervision Board of WFCMS and Vicepresident of the European Foundation of TCM, Honourable Dr. Ma Jianzhong, Deputy Director of State Administration of TCM of China, Honourable Mr. Zhang Qi, responsable of Traditional and complementary medicine programme (TCM) World Health Organization (WHO), Honourable Mr. Tang Heng, Consul General for China in Barcelona, Mr. Liu Zhongliang, Executive director of China Medical Pharmaceutical Material Association, and Honourable Dr. Boí Ruiz, Minister for Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia, who after his speech, inaugurated the Congress. .

.Following the Opening ceremony and after the group photo was taken, came the keynote speakers speeches in which Dr. David Graham, chairman of ISO/TC249 TCM, Dr. Attilio Mucelli, coordinator for the european investigation project CHETCH, and eminent doctors of chinese medicine as Dr. Chen Rixin and Dr. Fu Zhonhua, intervened. From this, different parallel sessions started in which 192 papers and 6 workshops were presented during the weekend. .

.During the Congress it also took place the General Assembly of WFCMS, in which it presented the Report on the work of WFCMS exposed by its Chairperson, Ms She Jing; the report on the development of WFCMS Branch, presented by Vicesecretary Huang Jianyin; the report on the Construction of Service System of Prominet TCM Doctor’s Academic Experience presented by vicesecretary Ms, Xu Chunbo and finally, Research Organization Construction of WFCMS presented by Li Zhenji, who modified the Board with the incorporation of 4 new Vice chairpersons, 2 new members of the Supervision Board and new members for the executive members of presídium and executive council members. To highlight, the resignation of the General Secretary Li Zhenji for personal reasons and his age. Then, proceeded the vote of new charges, being chosen as new Vicechairmans Ms. Dr. Zhu Miansheng (France), Dr. Zhang Yi (South Africa), Mr. Tony Staudinger (Germany) and Deborah Lincoln (USA). As new Vice chairmans of Supervision Board that chairs Dr. Ramón María Calduch, were chosen Sergio Bangrazi (Italy) and Hoc KuHuynh (Australia). Professor Huang Jianyin will replace the General Secretary. .

.After a brief pause, Dr. Nenad Kostanisek from de WHO, made a speech about International Stadistical Classification of disease and Related Health Problem in Occupational Health (ICD-11), to then discusse about the status of chinese medicine in different countries around the world, the WFCMS priorities for the following next years, and the observations and recomendations about the Secretary work. Dr. Calduch proposed to discuss the convenience of creating a Working Comission in regulation to favourably influence the governments of differents countries in which chinese medicine is not regulated. It had unanimously agreed that Dr. Calduch will govern this Working Comission and will be the responsable of proposing the experts that will be part of it as to prepare a business plan. .

.Moreover, during the weekend in the Congress was celebrated the anual meeting of PEFOTS, moderated by Dr. Dong Zhilin and in which Vice Chairman Dr. Ramón María Calduch, Dr. Carlo Maria Giovanardi, Dr. Shen Huijun, Dr. Ms. Bernadette Ward and Dr. Charis Theocharous, and Secretary Dr. Umberto Mazzanti assisted.

.In that meeting, dealt topics as the location for the next 2016 PEFOTS Congress, improvements in the website, situation of regulation on acupuncture and chinese medicine in Portugal, position sharing for topics to deal at general assembly of WFCMS and the offer received by ETCMA to establish an agreement cooperation. .

.According to the next PEFOTS Congress, it does exist two offers to celebrate it in Italy and Cyprus. They fixed that they will come to an agreement so that one of it will organize the Congress for 2016 and the other one for 2017. In terms of institutional agreement with ETCMA, they agreed to delegate it in Vice chairman Ms. Bernadette Ward so that she negociate with the mentioned institution and then, transfer the proposals to PEFOTS’s Board to its debate. The Congress had a presence of more than 1.000 participants from 35 countries and 28 expositors of the sector enterprises, from different countries in which over half were chinese companies. During the Welcoming banquet, diplomas of recognition were delivered to distinguished professionals of differents countries, and videos of different universities, hospitals, publishing houses and investigation centers of chinese medicine of China were presented. An exchange of commemorative plaques between FEMTC, WFCMS and different participant institutions were made, and finally Hua Xing Choir Society, from Singapur was also held during the dinner. .

12th World Congress of Chinese Medicine Barcelona, Spain 24th - 26th September 2015

From the cosmopolitan, welcoming, cheerful and curious Barcelona, a safe city which offers a rich culture, Mediterranean cuisine, a very mild climate and attractive sightseeing, we are pleased to invite you to attend the 12th WCCM 2015 on 24th, 25th and 26th September, 2015. For more information please visit

  • http://www.wccm2015.com
  • .

    11th International Congress of Chinese Medicine of PEFOTS/APPA

    Lisbon November 24/25th 2012

    On behalf of Dr. Pedro Choy and Associação Portuguesa dos Profissionais de Acupunctura (APPA) you are invited to attend the International Congress of Chinese Medicine of PEFOTS/APPA, taking place on the 24th and 25th November, at Auditório da Faculdade de Medicina Dentária, in Lisbon, Portugal.

    The theme for the International Congress of Chinese Medicine of PEFOTS/APPA is Clinical and Regulatory Progress of Chinese Medicine.

    Accommodation can be booked at any of the following hotels:

    The Pan European Federation of TCM Societies (PEFOTS)represents
    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) organizations in European countries.

        PEFOTS mission is to promote and encourage cooperation between TCM
        organizations and practitioners across Europe.  Developing and
        promoting a knowledge and understanding of Chinese Medicine within the
        European Union and member states remains a primary goal of the PEFOTS
    board and membership.

        PEFOTS has a strong representation in both the World Federation of TCM Societies
    (WFCMS) and the World Federation of Acupuncture Societies (WFAS). Both international
    TCM organisations represent international standards of training and practice of Chinese medicine.