WFCMS and PEFOTS event 2017 - Nanjing conference on Integrated Medicine



PEFOTS Board Meeting 2016



On the 24th September a PEFOTS board meeting took place in Madrid. PEFOTS President Dr. Dong Zhilin showed various aspects of the current situation of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Europe and Worldwide. He confirmed that PEFOTS is the most representative federation of associations in Europe by sharing with us the information and decisions regarding the WFCMS Special Committee of Promoting the Regulation of Chinese Medicine, PEFOTS Vice President Dr. Ramón María Calduch suggested the most convenient policy for PEFOTS. The assembly agreed with his ideas, therefore it was decided to recommend the following members of PEFOTS for the Election for the Fourth Council Board and the Board of Supervisors of WFCMS which will be held on the 13th WCCM in New Zealand in November:

     • Dr. Bernadette Ward as Vicepresident
     • Dr. Carlo Maria Giovanardi as Vicepresident

During the meeting the First European Meeting of experts on Regulation of Chinese Medicine promoted by PEFOTS was held. The attendants were:

     • HOLLAND: Dr. Dong Zhilin and Johanna Biemans
     • UK: Dr. Shen Huijun
     • IRELAND: Dr. Bernardette Ward
     • ITALY: Dr. Carlo Maria Giovanardi and Dr. Umberto Mazzanti
     • CYPRUS: Dr. Charis Theocharous
     • PORTUGAL: Dr. Pedro Ribeiro Da Silva and Frederico Carvaglio
     • SPAIN: Dr. Ramon Maria Calduch
     • FRANCE: Andre Bijaoui, Isabelle Robard and Marion Bailbè
     • SWITZERLAND: Dr. Zhan Lixia
     • CZECH REPUBLIC: Jiri Bilek
     • GREECE: Dimitriou Loannis

While each member represented the specific situation of acupunture and TCM in their own country, PEFOTS President Dong Zhilin discussed the worldwide situation. The aim was to understand if there is a possibility of a common policy between European associations and define professional and educational standards. This was the first step to face deeper these matters.

PEFOTS Vice President Carlo Maria Giovanardi and General Secretary Umberto Mazzanti bring to the assembly attention to the Italian and also European growing matter of Dry Needling. A paper was given to all the members and asked them to sign it as the “Declaration of Madrid about the practice of the Denominated Dry needling”. The content of the paper was unanimously agreed.